Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It's been almost eleven years since my trip to Siberia - we returned less than a month before 9/11/01. Recently, I found a photo CD containing some pictures from that trip. Pictures originally taken with real film! Here are a few of them.

Our gang in front of Ivolginsky Datsan, the most important Buddhist monastery in Russia

Cow drinking from Lake Baikal

Taking a break on the shores of Baikal. The guy on the left is our driver, Sergei.

Grazing horse near the lake

Adorable toddlers at the Sotnekova Orphanage

Jenny in front of some intense artwork at Dom Rebenka. Is that fox making off with a child?
There are many photos that haven't make it to digital format (yet), including the world's largest Lenin head statue in Ulan-Ude. Maybe I'll get those scanned sometime soon! Must. Continue. Organizing...