Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weather systems

Andrew Bird setlist 3/24/12 Milwaukee

It's been a gorgeous month of March in Wisconsin, which has put me in an excellent mood. Perhaps nature is trying to make up for the crappy spring weather we had in 2011. I'll admit that mid-March temps in the low 80's are taking things a little too far, but mostly it's been a delight.

Besides the good weather, I had additional reasons to be in a good mood this weekend. Friday night I saw The Hunger Games, which - despite not being as good as the book, as is almost always the case - I enjoyed. The costumes and makeup get a thumbs up from me, the Reaping scene was excellent, and so was the large African-American man in the audience dressed up as Effie Trinket.

Saturday morning I went out for blueberry pancakes with some friends and their adorable baby, and Saturday night I went to Milwaukee to see Andrew Bird at the Riverside. It's been a couple years since I caught an Andrew Bird show (though I did see his exhibit at the Chicago MCA in 2011), which made this concert especially enjoyable. Andrew and his band played many songs from the new album, Break it Yourself, which was included as a free download with every concert ticket purchased for this tour. Kudos, Mr. Bird. The three non-percussionists also gathered around a single microphone at the front of the stage for a total of five songs, something that Andrew seemed to indicate they'd only done at the Ryman - but they wanted to try it out in Milwaukee because the Riverside sounds so good. The versions of "Effigy" and the Handsome Family's "So Much Wine" they played in that configuration were my favorite parts of the show.

After staying out far too late in Milwaukee, I am enjoying a leisurely Sunday in preparation for ... the two-hour season premiere of Mad Men!!! Not that I'm excited about its return or anything.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Five things: kitchen

It's been over half a year since my first five things post (living room) ... so I figured it was time for another one. Here are five things I like in my kitchen:

1. Wine rack. I can't remember exactly where I found it, but I know Paul and I were walking around a strange city (strange as in "neither of us lived there," not strange as in "weird") and saw it sitting out on the curb waiting for a trash pickup. I'd just realized that I was in need of a small wine rack, so I picked it up instead. Wherever this was, I had to take a plane to get home but Paul did not. So it happened that months later, during a visit to Wisconsin, after I'd all but forgotten about the wine rack, he delivered it to me. Thanks, P!

2. Le Creuset tea kettle. It's actually embarrassing how rarely I make use of it these days, but it's a nice, ornamental red. It lives on the stove.

3. Food-related wall art. I picked these three postcards up separately, not intending to put them together in any way. But at some point my new condo's kitchen needed decorating, and the theme suggested itself. I believe the three-part frame came from Target. Voila!

4. Vintage aluminum pitcher and cups. The fact that they're up on top of a shelf probably indicates how often I use these, but I love seeing them up there. I should make iced tea this summer and serve it from this set. And brew the tea in my kettle! It's all coming together.

5. MirĂ³ magnet. I bought this at a museum in Madrid, probably the Thyssen-Bornemisza. It was a museum that had some MirĂ³ paintings, some of which featured stars. Hence, the magnet. Ha ha. I can't pass the magnet on the fridge without saying the phrase out loud, always trying to perfect my accent on "las estrellas."