Sunday, November 8, 2009

November spring

It's 69 degrees outside, and hard to believe that Thanksgiving is eighteen days away.  Shopping for bridesmaid dresses in Chicago on Saturday, it felt like May already.  I keep hoping the good weather will stick around for the numerous flights I need to take in the coming weeks.

If all goes according to plan, November will be bookended by business trips.  Last week I worked overnights at a hospital in southern Indiana, and just after my return from Europe I'm scheduled for a few day shifts in Los Angeles.  That trip makes my November schedule wilder than ever, but it's one I eagerly anticipate.  I haven't had a Largo fix since August.  It would be nice to visit again before the new year.

I also need to buy some sort of exercising machine for my home.  You'd think that living a mere two blocks away from a gym would mean I didn't need to do that, but you would be wrong.  Perhaps it will be a Christmas present to myself.

Oh god, Christmas.

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Legdahli said...

I envy your lifestyle. I love that you have the perfect job for you! SEND POSTCARDS!!!! Even if it's just when you get home. I'm working on my postcard wall at work. Yours are always the best!!!