Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ask Google

I did this once a long time ago, but thought it might be fun to try again.  Here's the deal: I chose ten questions to pose to the mighty Google search engine.  I typed in each question as it's written below, no quotation marks.  The answer to the first question [she decided] was the first sentence of the first result summary.  The answer to the second question was the first sentence of the second result summary.  And so on.  The answers ranged from blunt (see Q1) to depressing (Q2) to cryptic (Q6) but all were mildly entertaining!  Emphasis on mildly.  Forgive me, it's a slow week.  I'm enjoying it.  Minor league baseball on Thursday!

Q: Should I see The National in Milwaukee or The New Pornographers in Madison in August?
A: The New Pornographers and the Dodos.

Q: Will I ever visit Antarctica?
A: While you're here in Antarctica treat every iceberg you see as if it were your last, because there will probably never be another iceberg.

Q: Will this be the year I actually begin a quilt?
A: Do not bring your fourteen-year-old son with you to the fabric store to help pick out fabric.

Q: Why don't restaurants in other countries just ask a native speaker to proofread their English menus?
A: As a very picky native speaker of English ... Can I ask about "cat's tongue"?

Q: Does anyone look better than Jon Hamm in a suit?
A: John Hamm: Wow.  I don't know.

Q: This coming weekend: good?
A: If you're not doing so already, you can follow The Weekend Warrior on Twitter.

Q: Will the Brewers win the World Series this year?
A: If the Brewers are going to win a World Series with this batch of players, patience will be the key.

Q: How did Google get so smart?
A: I did not aspire to this lofty post, nor did I actively seek it on any level.

Q: Will I get to go to Brazil or Dubai for work?
A: As usual we will go on vacation to our sailboat in Greece.

Q: What book should I read next?
A: Something that is Vampire Free.


Heidi said...

This entirely made my day! Apparently Google is VERY opinionated when it comes to novels with vampires in them, huh? Well, you'd better listen and just steer clear of them for now.

Also, I respect Google's humility: "I did not aspire to this lofty post, nor did I actively seek it on any level."

Paul said...

Forgive me for just catching up on blogs now, while I'm waiting for you to arrive in Albany, but this entry is pretty inspired!