Tuesday, August 5, 2008

iPhone update

I got it! A week ago, to be precise. As luck would have it, the very afternoon I landed in Anchorage I received an email that my phone was in, and could I please pick it up within the next couple of days? Great. Of course I'd not brought with me the business card attached to my receipt, which listed the cell number of my sales associate. This meant that I spent way too much time Thursday morning trying to contact a real, living, breathing human being to explain that I was out of town but I'd appreciate it ever so much if they didn't cancel my order and sell my new iPhone to the next person in line, because then I'd be forced to visit the store and beat them with my old Razr (wielding it by its little Winnie-the-Pooh-dressed-as-a-tube-of-paint charm, which I got from a vending machine inside Quickly on my last trip to San Francisco, and is really the only thing I miss about that Razr.)

Anyway, I finally talked to someone. She said she'd mark down that I was out of town, and the phone would be waiting for me. And so it was. It's very pretty and sleek and new, and it has games! Well, it does since I downloaded some free ones from the app store. I also had fun making it sync with MobileMe, and updating all of my contacts to include little photos. I haven't yet tackled ringtones, but I will. Oh, I will.

I wish the phone could somehow take a picture of itself, which I could post using the iPhone, in a big ol' fit of meta. But since it can't, perhaps I'll take one with Photo Booth.

iPhone is also handy for reading and replying to email when you're doing things like hiking up a hill, as I discovered this evening on my regular outdoor prowl. (On stable terrain, that is.) But really, there's something to be said for being out of contact sometimes.

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