Sunday, August 10, 2008

Old Photo Corner 2: Chicken hands

Again a feature from Dad's side of the family, here we see my grandma and grandpa in January of 1964. I love this one, because one of my most prominent memories of Grandma and Grandpa as a child was going over to their house for Sunday lunch. Grandma would make her Saltine fried chicken, or there would be Greek soup (also involving chicken), and salad, and often toast. I'm not sure why there was usually toast. But Grandma would usually burn at least a few slices, and then be "forced" to put them outside for the birds.

This particular dinner was before my time - before my sisters' time, too. My dad would have been just out of the Marine Corps, I think, at age 23. Grandma was 44, and Grandpa 46. They look much older than that to me, but because I only knew them when they were older, I can't really trust my judgment.

I know that kitchen so well - my sister and her family still live in the same house my grandparents did. But I don't remember the wallpaper. That is some crazy wallpaper.

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hip-hop-annonymous said...

Wow, you're right about that wallpaper. Years back I helped friends of mine tear down wallpaper in their bathroom - getting it to the bare wall so that we could paint it before they sold the house. Crikey, about 2 layers down was this amazing hippy-type floral print. You know, bright colors, big almost handrawn daisy-ish flowers. I loved it. So....does your sister have wallpaper up? Maybe you could go tear it down one day and retrieve this awesome print!

pneyu said...

Saltine fried chicken?! What time should I show up?