Sunday, June 29, 2008

Old Photo Corner 1: Greek girls

Awhile back, my cousin scanned a ton of old family photos. I love looking at them, so I thought it might be fun to write about them. Like this one:

My great-aunt Irene and her friend Bessie, ca. 1925. Irene was the sister of my paternal grandfather. They were born in Wisconsin, but my great-grandparents emigrated from Greece in the early 1900's. (More on them later.) I love Irene and Bessie's outfits here. I wish I knew if they wore them for anything besides photo shoots such as this - celebrations? Ceremonies? Were the outfits hand sewn or store-bought? Here or in Greece? Did they pick out the aprons? What's the story with the prism-looking necklaces?

I guess I have more questions than comments about this first photo. It's times like these when I want to interview, in detail, every single older member of my family.

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