Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hello deer

Bright and early this morning, I went for a walk. After taking some photographs at my old elementary school (feature to come), I took a brief detour down 21st Avenue before heading back to my parents' house. Twenty-first Avenue is where my mom grew up, and where my Nana and Grandpa lived for more than fifty years. I had just passed their house when an unusual sound disturbed the stillness. The sound of hooves clacking across the pavement. I looked up into the brilliant sunshine across the street and saw a deer galloping through the neighbor's front yard. I stopped in my tracks. So did the deer. We stared at each other for a few seconds, and then I fumbled for my camera as the deer high-tailed it the rest of the way across the block, disappearing down 76th Street. It was an interesting way to start the day.


hip-hop-annonymous said...

What the!?

And you're here and not telling me? A walk and not inviting me?

I mean, COME ON, a random deer knows these things and I don't!! lol

BeeKay said...

I'll be sure to let you AND the deer know next time! We'll all hang out. It'll be great.