Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Peaches for free

Stuff from the past few days:

* Drove up to Asheville, visited the Biltmore Estate. I woke at the crack of dawn to get there when it opened, so I'd have ample time to explore before I had to be back in Greenville for work at 5:00 p.m. The house is just ridiculous, of course - 250 rooms. I really loved the grounds, too: the gardens, the winery, the farm, the trees and hills. Ahh.

* Mad kudzu in the Carolinas. Don't stand still for too long.

* Free wine tasting Sunday at the Biltmore Winery!

* There's a fancy-ass McDonalds just outside the entrance to the Biltmore grounds, but I didn't go in. I hear it has a grand piano, though.

* Some component of my room service breakfast on Sunday - either the seafood omelette, the grits, or the fresh fruit - caused me to feel progressively sicker throughout the day, culminating in my being nice and ill for my entire twelve-hour shift that night. Woo! I felt better by the time I woke up Monday afternoon, but not good enough to eat much more than an undressed salad over the next 24 hours ... so my first Carolina BBQ sandwich will have to wait.

* There are a bunch of roadside fruit and vegetable stands (many boasting hot boiled peanuts) between Greenville and Asheville. I stopped at one for a fresh peach, and they gave it to me for free. Score!

* Spent not even close to enough time in downtown Asheville after Biltmore. So much good shopping, so little time.

* The Shoeless Joe Jackson Baseball Museum and Library had its grand opening Saturday in Greenville. I didn't know about it until I read the paper on Sunday morning, or I would have gone.

* I was working or in transit for 35 of 48 hours between Sunday evening and Tuesday evening.

* I have this Friday afternoon and Monday afternoon off.

Now entering a stretch of three and a half weeks before my next scheduled trip. Time to enjoy summer in good old Wisconsin.


hip-hop-annonymous said...

Seriously though, where can I get a job like yours? Your adventures are always so amazing sounding!

Two more things:

1. Let me know how that book about that guy living like the bible for a year is. I saw him on some interviews in the last year or so and couldn't decide if he was cool...or just seriously crazy.

2. Question: You love books and read way more than I could ever even hope to - but I love books. I just wonder (thus adding to the length of this comment)...I keep books that I love and one day hope to have a bunch of book shelves, filled, in a home of my very own. My question is this; what do you do with all your books? Do you just get them from the library or do you have a hidden library of your very own?...

BeeKay said...

1. I was kind of anticipating it being a complete joke of a book, but he's actually taking it pretty seriously. Which is more interesting. I'm only on Month 2, but I'll let you know when I finish.

2. I get books from the library unless I already know I love the author. Or I find a cool book at a thrift store. In general, books have to earn my love before I will purchase them. I like this policy because I feel like all the books in my library are my friends. Of course, I have amassed a pretty big collection anyway. It is stored on a bookshelf in my living room, and in many bookshelves in one of the extra bedrooms upstairs, which I refer to as the library.

Maudie said...

I love seafood, and I love omelets, but I never trust a seafood omelet. :/

Trish is IN. If we go back to Durham next year, we love the look of this trip. She'd be all over the Shoeless Joe museum, I'm all over the shopping. Plus, I want to spend more time in the South. Definitely need to see the kudzu, too.

Maudie said...

Oh, and: peaches for free!!! Yay!

hip-hop-annonymous said...

I need to come visit you. I need a car that won't die, maybe, on a trip out of town. Seriously though, I really need to get my ass up there to visit you!