Monday, November 10, 2008


Five days into my trip. Five days to go. I'll have more to write when I have time to do more than work, go out to dinner, and sleep.

I will say that being in a location like this for business kind of messes with my head. This is my first time in Hawaii, and we are staying in a resort across from Waikiki Beach. Everything about my surroundings screams "exotic vacation." We've gone out for long, fun dinners every night. There are palm trees and tiki torches and Christmas lights up and down the street below my 18th floor balcony. On Saturday night I watched the sun set over the ocean while an old man played a violin nearby. Local surfers mingle with tourists outside the doors of our hotel, and every big name designer you could think of has a store down the street. (Coach has at least three.) And by the time Wednesday night comes, I'll have worked 50+ hours in four days.

I love it here.

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