Sunday, November 30, 2008

Here we go (again)

November is in its waning hours. The long Thanksgiving weekend is over. It's only been two weeks since I was sitting on the beach in Honolulu, but looking out at the Wisconsin snow, that seems like ages ago. Time for the year-end schedule to shift into high gear.

I have a work deadline Thursday, and another two weeks later. Next weekend I'm headed to Rochester to see Wilco play a headlining gig in the middle of their tour with Neil Young. That's upstate New York, not Minnesota ... though when it comes to flying in December, both may be equally ill-advised. Days after I get back, it's time for the seventh annual Letters to Santa charity event in Chicago. It will be my sixth year in attendance, and once again I'm planning to stay for the entire 24 hours. Actually, this year things are changing up a bit, and it will be even longer than 24 hours. I'm not sure what we've done to earn this extra test of endurance, but wish me luck. Throw in a couple more concerts - Harry Connick Jr. with my mom in Milwaukee, and Bon Iver with Tamala and Rob in Madison - and we're pretty much up to Christmas. Yipes.

Random thing I've been wondering for years, but was just reminded of when the song came on: is the title of Nels Cline and Thurston Moore's "Blues for Helen Burns," actually a Jane Eyre reference? Lord, I hope it is.

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