Thursday, December 4, 2008

100 Days, 100 Nights

I'd known that Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings were coming to the Barrymore for at least a month, but for some reason I resisting buying a ticket. Many of my friends have waxed poetic about her live show, I own and enjoy her latest album, and I've wanted to see her for some time ... yet I hesitated. Busy month, the holidays, other concerts, lots of work to do in the meantime. Monday morning I remembered that the show was in two days, and gave it only the most fleeting of thoughts: "Yeah, definitely not going to that."

So, of course, Monday afternoon I received an email from The Onion informing me that I'd won a pair of tickets to see Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings. Who am I to argue with the concert gods? Nobody, that's who. Accordingly, Anya and I braved the slippery roads to the Barrymore last night. I'm very glad we did.

I now understand all of the superlatives I've heard to describe the live Sharon Jones experience. She has a great voice, the Dap-Kings are a tight and talented band, and Sharon has energy and moves that just won't quit. I enjoyed seeing her pull audience members up on stage to dance throughout the evening. I briefly wondered if she ever pulls someone up and then regrets it: think of crazy people you've encountered at concerts, and then picture the craziest ones onstage. But everyone last night seemed perfectly cool. And, at any rate, I'm pretty sure Sharon can take care of herself.

While Sharon's Tina Turner moves and Janet Jackson cover were highlights, and hearing familiar songs from 100 Days, 100 Nights was a treat, my favorite part of the show came toward the end. Sharon called Charles Bradley (an excellent James Brown impersonator who sang a few songs during the opening set) back to the stage. She said some heartfelt words about the recent election, and then together she and Charles sang Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come."

So, thanks, Onion, for getting me downtown in the middle of an extremely busy work week. And thanks, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, for making it more than worthwhile.


ms. yvon said...

b-earlier today i got pre-sale info about an upcoming sharon j. show and i've been waffling. this is just the motivation i need! woo! :)

Tamala said...

Ahhhhh. Wish I could've heard that Cooke cover.

Robin said...

Ms. Y, you'd better go!

I was at their St. Louis show last night, right by the stage. Amazing! Close enough to attest that Ms. Jones smells wonderful. Really. I don't know what perfume she wears, but I want it.

We got the Charles Bradley duet on "A Change is Gonna Come", which was fantastic. They closed the show with a duet of "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" that was positively scorching!

Speaking of pulling freaks out of the audience, for ""Let Them Knock" she pulled Beatle Bob on stage. Oh my sweet lord. It was unwatchable. He was humping her and doing pelvic thrust with tiny little butt circles. At one point during that spectacle, all I could do was lean my forehead against the front of the stage and pray for sweet death. And yet, I couldn't stop laughing!

I can't remember which song ... she pulled eight women out of the audience to represent St. Louis. The woman next to me got to go - my friend Courtney and I both ducked and stared at the floor when Sharon came our way because we're chickens. One of the women was wearing hijab and she was the star of the night. She was the last to leave the stage, to a roar of cheers. After the show, she was in the coat check line in front of me. Everyone came to her and told her how beautiful she was, how great it was to see her on stage. One man approached her and simply thanked her. I've never seen anything like that.