Thursday, April 23, 2009

Controlled burn

I think they did a burn at Badger Prairie. After work this evening I stopped there for a walk, and was startled by how different everything looked. Since last time I was there a couple of weeks ago, the remnants of the tall grasses are all gone. Now there's only black earth with bright green paths cutting through it. Plus the occasional pond.

I felt oddly exposed walking through; I'm used to the plants and grasses hiding everything past the last turn. It was excellent, though, for scouting paths. I already know my way around quite well, but this was an unparalleled opportunity to figure out where the paths connect and diverge on a grand scale. I'll be using this knowledge once the grass is back. (I already see green things sprouting everywhere. I can't wait to chart the prairie's progress throughout the spring and summer.)

The prairie walk was a nice way to relax. After last week's fun, I've been thrust back into deadline city at work. Until next Thursday, things will not be pretty. However, I've been trying to pace myself and not get too stressed or overwhelmed. It helps that I have plenty of things coming up outside work, though even there I must tread lightly in thought. Flight of the Conchords, house guest, Brewers game, Robbie Fulks, friend's wedding, business trip (wait, that's work), EUROPE. Steady, one thing at a time. Too bad my brain always wants to tackle ten.

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Hi-D said...

Europe?? Where are you going? How exciting!