Thursday, April 16, 2009

Milwaukee week

Between Easter Sunday and five minutes ago when I sat down to type, all of my time at home has been spent asleep, getting ready for work, or getting ready for bed. The rest of the time? Work, and Milwaukee.

Here's a photo of my dining room table at the moment - after four days of serving as a place to toss random crap as I'm coming or going. (There would be a Brewers mini helmet there too, but due to nacho cheese sauce remnants I was actually forced to wash it. Therefore, it's in the sink.)

Monday: Work, then Brewers game with Rob, Tamala, and their adorable and energetic girls. First (third) pitch by Jeff Tweedy, sausage races, an interminable top of the 3rd inning, two Brewers home runs despite the loss (see third inning). A mini-helmet full of cheese fries. Seats 8 rows behind home plate. Leave after seventh inning stretch due to long week ahead (and possible lameness.) Drive home. Night one of very little sleep.

Tuesday: Work, then back to Milwaukee for Wilco's first of two shows at the Pabst. Party at Nate and Noel's sweet apartment. A Hawk and a Hacksaw. Slew of friends in from Chicago. Wilco. Two new songs, Wisconsin-centric banter. Great performance of Theologians. Friendly show neighbors. PBR tall boys. Way too late of a night afterward. Drive home. Fill up gas tank. Night two of very little sleep.

Wednesday: Work, then back to Milwaukee for Wilco's second of two shows at the Pabst. Witness part of photo shoot for possible album art featuring fans in line, fans in Nudie suits, and a mysterious birthday cake. Dinner at Safe House. Tamala finds a 6th row ticket on the street and turns it in. Lobby socializing. Wilco. Awesome version of Shouldn't Be Ashamed. General Nels Cline appreciation night. Glenn tries something different in lieu of the Todd Trainor tribute, holding up some huge unidentifiable prop instead. Jeff's Brewers hat is back for the encores. Rocking finale. More lobby socializing. Drive home. Night three of very little sleep.

Thursday: Work. Actually go home, as opposed to Milwaukee. Contemplate how lovely it is outside, but today's ten-minute outdoor walk after lunch at work will have to suffice, because no longer able to move.

All in all? Fantastic. Can we do it again next week?

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