Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First concert of the year

Califone, Sunday night, at the Hideout.  Sam and I missed most of the Golden Globes for it, but it was a worthwhile trade.  The band sounded great on the tiny stage.  They played most of All My Friends Are Funeral Singers as well as a other choice selections including "Pink & Sour" and my all-time favorite "Horoscopic Amputation Honey."  The band threatened B.B. King and Grateful Dead medleys, and teased both "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" (cat version) and "Fly Me To The Moon," but nothing came to fruition.  Tim Rutili chatted about his dad's job (inspired by a vocal audience member) and unwarranted accusations of "talk-singing."  Surely a good musical start to 2010.  I look forward to seeing Califone again next month in an opening slot at the Overture, but I'm glad I went down for this intimate headlining set.

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