Sunday, February 28, 2010

Looking forward

I know, I'm doing it again.  I have a slight obsession with planning things ahead of time, and as a result my mind often exists a few months in the future.  Right now, in my head, it's at least April.  But given that in real life it's only the very end of February in Wisconsin ... I think I'll take it for now.

My March, April, and May should be whirlwinds of activity.  Perhaps they won't match last November, but it'll be a close call from time to time.  I was going to lay it all out here, but there's really no point - you'll hear about it as it comes.  Occupying the most space in my thoughts for the past week, though, have been two trips in particular.  I actually booked both flights on the same day, in a near-unprecedented flurry of spending.  But there's no time like the present.

Wednesday morning, I booked this one:

Maine!  Beginning of October!  It's far away now, but - barring anything unforeseen - a long-threatened long weekend will finally become a reality.

Wednesday evening, on the phone with my intrepid travel companion, I booked this one:

(Photo by

Senegal.  Yes, Senegal.  Africa.  End of May.  A friend of a friend is living there, and we're going to visit her.  Unlike Maine, Senegal wasn't even on my radar until very recently.  I'm still slightly giddy about the speed with which this trip was arranged.  I mean ... holy crap.  I'm going to Africa in less than three months.  Africa!

June, July, and August are still more or less open.


Allison said...

So. JEALOUS!! Senegal has been on my list for a few years... are you going to any specific music festivals?

BeeKay said...

Nothing in particular I know of right now! Our hostess is coming up with some sample itineraries.

Yes, it's me. said...

Awesome!!! I will live in Africa (even if just for weeks) at some point in my life.

Where in Maine will you be traveling? I have friends from there, maybe they could suggest some off the beaten path good local eats! ;)

BeeKay said...

Portland, Acadia National Park, and points between. :-)

Argi said...

nice :-)