Monday, February 15, 2010

Penpals: The T-shirts, Book 1

In December, I introduced The Penpals: the series of books Allison and I wrote in elementary school.  Now, as promised, I present a list of every saying I put on a t-shirt or sweatshirt in my illustrations.  Like I said, I was waaay into that as a fashion statement.  After words, I list who wore the shirt.  Because the names are half the fun.

In order of appearance in Book 1 (4th grade):

NFL (9-year-old Richard)
Muscle Man (11-year-old Joseph)
I'm #1 (5-year-old James)
Yuck Foo (16-year-old Ian) (nice)
Hug Me (baby Cassi)
Pembroke Elementary (5-year-old James)
Olayo (7-year-old Brandon) (yeah, I don't know)
LA (13-year-old Beth)
2 Live Crew (20-year-old Thomas)
Metallica (8-year-old Sloan)
In Heaven at 11 (11-year-old Evan) (seriously?)
Bad Boy (6-year-old Dewey)
Hi! (7-year-old Laura)
I'm Cute (5-year-old Kayla)
BAD (9-year-old Jimmy)
RACHEL (14-year-old Rachel)
HOT (13-year-old Christa)
HOT (3-year-old Elise) (wow, it spans age groups)
I'm Cool (12-year-old Miranda)
Hello (10-year-old Oprah) (yeah, Oprah)
Baby Baby (8-year-old Ward)
Ski (13-year-old Nellie)
Dark Age (13-year-old Jeanette) (a band)
KC (11-year-old Kelley)
CYC Country Club (44-year-old Mr. Kenotec)
Disrespectfuls (12-year-old Conrad) (another band)
I'm a Turd (9-year-old Cooper) (nice parents, Cooper)
Snow (7-year-old Melvin)
Visionaries (14-year-old Zachary Jr.) (yet another band)
Ski Aspen (11-year-old Asley)
Rule Rule (10-year-old Heydan)
Wrestle (11-year-old Juan)
Cat (7-year-old Carlotta)
BAD (10-year-old Pomeroy) (he and Jimmy shop at the same place)
Darlin (5-year-old Rayahnna)
Stevie Ray (14-year-old Tamara)


And now for a bonus picture.  No writing, but what the what is Corin wearing?

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Jon said...

Quality stuff ! I think I done something boring like a tea towel when I was at school!