Monday, March 22, 2010

Last snow of the year

I'm not jinxing it!  It's just a fact.  Damn it.  Measurable accumulation at least.  Right?

This was the view from the country club where I attended Gina's bridal shower on Saturday.  It was a lovely time, Gina and Ryan received many fine things, and I'm realizing how close the wedding now is.  (Something of which I'm sure they are well aware.)  I wish my dress would ship already.  Stay tuned in coming weeks for stress about fittings and getting the entire outfit put together.  Wee!  But really, I am excited.  Lots of fun in store between now and early May. 

In my more immediate future, work.  Last time I went on a business trip, my destination was Beverly Hills.  Later this week I have another trip ... to Peoria.  Though this prospect is a little less thrilling, I have to admit that it's nice to not bother with flights and serious packing.  The older twin nephews' birthday party is this weekend, so I'll be squeezing in a family visit before coming home.  Must remember to wrap presents.

Apparently there is a river in Peoria, and my hotel is on it, so perhaps that will be nice?


laura said...

I was born in Peoria! You could take a scenic drive to Bradford, my hometown (just about 30 miles away..)

BeeKay said...

Unfortunately, I have to report that the river outside my hotel wasn't particularly nice. I mean, it's nice that they have the river walk. But I was envisioning something more ... consumer-centric? With shops and things? There were plenty of dog walkers, though. I didn't make it to Bradford. I also had no idea Pekin was so nearby.