Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The List

I'm always referring to The List, as in The List of Places I Want to Go Someday (Preferably Soon).  "Oh sure, that's on The List."  The thing is, there never was any list.  I had destinations in my head, but nothing keeping track of them ... until the other day, when I decided to make a first pass at creating The List in written form.  Here's what I came up with.  Destinations are roughly in order of how much I want to go, at least the first half.  The second half devolves into "Now that you bring it up, I would like to go there."  I'd appreciate any feedback.  Are there glaring omissions?  Specific recommendations?  Cautionary tales?  Lord knows I love to plan ahead.

The List

Nashville (Ryman Auditorium)
Louisiana (New Orleans)
South America (esp. Chile, Argentina, Patagonia)
Amalfi Coast
France (Paris)
Carribbean (somewhere)
South Africa
Extensive Route 66 road trip
Montana (Yellowstone)
Mississippi *
Omaha or Lincoln **
North Dakota ***
South Dakota ***
Shetland Islands
Nepal or Bhutan (Himalayas) ****
UAE or Qatar
Cook Islands or French Polynesia
Switzerland (Alps)
Northern Ireland

* I've driven through and stopped, but feel I haven't really experienced Mississippi
** I haven't seen much of Nebraska
*** Sort of obligations to round out the 50.  Sorry, Dakotas!  I'm sure you're great!
**** Bhutan has extensive tourism rules, which makes me want to find a way around them


Allison said...

Drool drool drool... you and me B, we need to find sacks of money on the street and just be full-time travelers.

EmaB said...

Hi i was just reading through your list, i have one with pretty much all the countries you have on yours, and i have been to a few of the places so i thought id give you the downlow on some of them lol. Ok so first mainland greece is really nice but the greek islands such as santorini and halkidiki are really good and you can do a day trip over to the main land (athens). Im going to Singapore in september and im very excited, things i would recommend doing are sentosa island, night saffari and visiting raffles hotel famous for the singapore sling cocktail, also singapore is pretty pricey so save lots of spending money if you go. Paris is my fave place i go every year at christmas time as thats the best as the champs elysee is all lit up, this is also the best place to stay at. Ive been to quite a few Caribbean islands and my fave were jamaica and the cayman islands. Cayman Islands in particular grand cayman is beautiful and theres a really good (cheap) trip which takes you out in the ocean and lets you swim with the sting rays. Lastly norway and iceland both really nice countries to visit, norway in particular is my fave, if you visit iceland you must go to the blue lagoon and whale watching and norway is great to see the northan lights x(sorry for the long comment lol)

BeeKay said...

That's all really helpful - thanks!