Thursday, April 29, 2010

Singin' songs I knew

If I don't write about this now I'll never get to it, so: I saw Jakob Dylan and Three Legs last night at the Pabst!  I confess that I bought a ticket to this show for two main reasons: first, Jakob Dylan is touring with Neko Case and Kelly Hogan, whom I like very much.  Secondly, in high school I had a bit of a crush on Jakob Dylan.

Even if these weren't the soundest of reasons to attend a weeknight show in Milwaukee, I enjoyed myself.  Guitar player Paul Rigby and Jon Rauhouse on pedal steel were major reasons for that.  Jakob Dylan has really assembled an excellent band.  Most of the songs played were from Jakob's latest album Women and Country, but there were some selections from his previous solo album and two from Bringing Down the Horse ... a record I remember fondly from 1996.  It was a trip to hear "6th Avenue Heartache" live, with Kelly Hogan and Neko Case singing backup.  Neko and Jakob had a lot of fun singing together on "All Day and All Night," complete with some graphic hand gestures from Neko.  Kelly got a great response from the crowd for her lead verse of "Three Marlenas."  I'm glad I made the trip to Milwaukee - after all, what would I have done at home instead?  Packed for the wedding weekend instead of doing so right now?  (Eeep!)

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