Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The best thing

On Saturday, my friends Gina and Ryan got married in Chicago.

I was one of Gina's bridesmaids, along with her sister and maid of honor, Andrea.  It feels like I've been planning a long time for this, so I can imagine how it felt for the bride and groom.  The entire weekend seemed to pass in a happy blur.

Friday was the rehearsal, dinner at Gibson's, and drinks at LuxBar.  Saturday, the pre-ceremony hair, dress, and makeup preparations took place in my room (with refreshments provided by Andrea and Gina's mother.)  Ryan and Gina were married in the gorgeous Bond Chapel at the University of Chicago.  Afterward we took many photos on the university grounds and elsewhere around the city.  The somewhat officious limo driver furnished two DVDs for our riding entertainment: ABBA Number Ones, and 1980's Kylie Minogue.  Awesome.  The reception followed at the Newberry Library.  I'd never been before, but loved the overall atmosphere of the building.  All the details made it a great night: lovely flowers, delicious hors d'oeuvres and dinner, cake both beautiful and tasty, excellent DJ, and a bunch of people who were ready to celebrate.  Special kudos to Gina for booking the Chicago Cubs Dixieland Band for the lobby cocktail hour.  A traditional hotel afterparty followed the reception.  Finally, there was a big Sunday brunch with family and friends.  Everything went wonderfully, but I felt like I drove down to Chicago and met Ryan and Gina Friday afternoon, blinked, and found myself in the Maggiano's dining room full of frittata and banana french toast.  Not a bad place to end up if you're going to lose time, I have to say.

Gina and I have known each other since high school, and have been close friends for nearly a decade.  Being part of her wedding, culminating in this big weekend, meant a lot to me.  Seeing her and Ryan so happy together means even more.  Right now they're in Kauai, probably drinking mai tais or frolicking in a waterfall or something.  Seems like a pretty good start to me.

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