Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 in review: Travel

Happy 2011!  Here's the first of three posts looking back at things I did in 2010.  Without further ado, travel:

States visited (not counting layovers): 10
Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New York, Arizona, Massachusetts, Maine, Tennessee

New states: 2
Rhode Island and Maine. With that, the east coast is officially checked off!

States left before I reach 50: 5
Louisiana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming.  I could have hit North Dakota for work last year, but it would have meant missing Rhode Island the same weekend.  And since Rhode Island was not for work, Rhode Island won.

Countries visited: 4
England, Scotland, Spain, Senegal.  Two of the countries were new!  (I count Scotland separately, not as part of the UK.) And one of them meant...

New continents: 1
Africa.  I have South America and Antarctica left to conquer.  Somehow one of those seems easier than the other.

What's ahead for 2011?  Aside from a return to the Berkshires in June, it's a blank slate so far.  As always, my goal is at least one new state.  Hopefully a new country, too.


shannon said...

We are heading to the Berkshires to for Solid Sounds too. Our obstacle has been finding lodging. Any tips?

BeeKay said...

I've heard camping is a fine option, if you're into it. I'd look at Williamstown for hotels if North Adams is sold out. Don't be afraid to book the your best prospect - you can cancel if something better pops up. And if you can round up extra friends, I know there are homes in North Adams to be rented for the weekend.