Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When October rolls around

I saw Rhett Miller at the High Noon Saloon on Friday night. As usual, he played an entertaining show. There were Madison-related anecdotes - playing at der Rathskellar with Jon Langford, writing a song in a Madison hotel room while looking out the window at the capitol. Rhett played a pretty extensive set, too. He originally had two dozen songs on the setlist, but pointed out at some point that he'd already added at least three. Despite forgetting the start of one of the verses of "504," Rhett's efforts to play a "special" song he hadn't played in awhile were appreciated. I enjoy hearing the newer songs, but old favorites like "Over the Cliff" and "Wish the Worst" never disappoint. There's nothing quite like shouting "Success on someone else's terms don't mean a fuckin' thing!" with a rowdy Friday night crowd. The encore brought opener Alex Dezen on stage to join Rhett on the Tom Petty classic "American Girl," an unexpectedly satisfying treat at the end of the night.

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