Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November trips

View from Time Warner Center

I was in LA this week. Only, this time, I mean Louisiana. I volunteered for a business trip to Shreveport, so I'm now able to cross state number 46 off my list. I can't say that I got a particularly classic Louisiana experience - most of my waking hours were spent working - but I did meet many locals. I still have to make it to New Orleans one day, but until then, at least I've dipped my toe into Louisiana waters.

The trip to Shreveport came directly on the heels of another trip, this one for pleasure. U's birthday celebration took place in New York City, and I was happy to be a part of it. The fun officially began with a much-anticipated dinner of Momofuku fried chicken, and progressed from there to Slane to see the awesome Martin Rivas. In the ensuing three days I managed to fit in a Conan taping at the Beacon Theatre; Feist in Brooklyn; the 9/11 Memorial, Occupy Wall Street, Coney Island, and Brighton Beach with Allison, Jeff, and Nils; CocoMoCA, Central Park, the Jesse Eisenberg play Asuncion, and a visit to Kristina and Julio to meet their brand new baby girl. And more food, of course. Russian dumplings, Donut Plant, Meatball Shop, cookies from Levain. Mmmm. I'll be back, New York.

Momofuku fried chicken

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