Monday, May 12, 2008

I interview ... my niece

Sixth edition of the interviews. This one was conducted a bit differently: live on video, filmed by my 11-year-old nephew. The other interviews (which can be found here) were done via email, and therefore were slightly more polished. In addition, I strayed a bit from the "number of questions = number of letters in name" arbitrary rubric. The first interview of the day was my six-year-old nephew, and in contrast to him, my niece was very enthusiastic.

Name: My niece
Age: 13
Location: K-town
Interview date: 5/11/08

1. What's the most satisfying thing you've done today?

Uh... I played ... I gave my mom a card. Aaaand ... [laughing] I played Burnout 3 on the Xbox.

That would be the most satisfying thing you did today?

[laughing] It was fun! Okay. So. Yeah, I gave my mom a card because it's Mother's Day.

And she liked it, I assume?

Yeah. Because she picked it out.

Yeah, well, that'll do it.

2. What would you say is the best thing about being thirteen?

Well ... I just turned thirteen, so ... I think ... well, I'm a teenager now! So I get to do more things. Because I'm not a kid anymore.

Right. You have the official "teen" at the end of your age.


3. What's the best vacation you've ever taken?

I think it was ... Disney World. I can't really remember a lot, but I got to meet all the Disney characters. And we went on tons of rides. I like going to Six Flags too, but I don't think that's a vacation.

Nah, probably doesn't quite count. Maybe if you lived further away.

4. Who do you think should be the next president?

I think Obama. Because, I don't know, Hillary Clinton ... her husband was the president. So I don't know if it would be fair if she got to be the president too. Because her husband already served, and she kind of served, too, because she got to tell her husband to do stuff. So, yes. Obama.

[side note: I think it's kind of funny that John McCain wasn't even an option.]

5. Here's a fun one with your brother filming. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages to being the only girl in a family with three younger brothers?

I think the advantages are that I get to do different things. Like, with Grandma, or you, or Aunt J, because ... well, we can go shopping. Because usually when I go with my dad, or my brother or somebody, they say, like, "You take too long!" [Nephew, off camera: "Well, she does!"] But the disadvantage is probably that I don't have a girl to play with. Yeah. And then ...

[Nephew, off camera] "Could I just say something? You know, the white shirt is all, like, slanted..."

[Niece, adjusting her shirt and grinning] I don't care! God, you're supposed to be filming, not talking.

[Nephew, off camera] "I am!"

He's being the director of the film.

[Nephew] "Yeah, yeah, yeah." [grandly] "So, go on!"

6. What's your favorite song?

I don't really have a favorite, but I like some different ones.

Okay, so what are some that you like?

I like one of the songs from the Spice Girls.

Really? What song?


That's kind of old! I mean, not old, but from when I was in high school.

[laughing] Yeah! But I like that song. Then, well, I don't really like Hannah Montana, but some of the songs I like. Rock Star? That's my favorite. And the Jonas Brothers. S.O.S. is my favorite.

7. This one would probably work better via email, but we'll see how good you are at making stuff up on the spot. I was going to ask you to write - so I guess just make up - a one-paragraph ... so in other words, pretty short ... story about a cat named Mr. Rogers.

[starting to laugh] A cat named Mr. Rogers?

Yes, that's all the prompting you get.

Okay. Like, a paragraph?

Yeah. I mean, it can be longer if you want.

About Mr. Rogers?

Yes. A cat named Mr. Rogers. Whatever you want to say.

Okay! Once there was a cat named Mr. Rogers. And he liked to play with his favorite ball of yarn. One day he lost his favorite ball of yarn, so his owner, MR. Mr. Rogers [laughing] had to go buy him another one. But they were sold out of yarn. Sooo, Mr. Rogers was very sad. He cried and cried. He wouldn't eat and he wouldn't sleep. But then he found it! It was in the piano. Then he could eat. And sleep. He was all happy because he could play with his ball of yarn again. And then one day it unraveled. So he was sad again.

Awww. A sad ending to the story.

[laughing] Yeah.

This wasn't quite the end - she then made her brother leave the room, and requested that I ask her a question I'd asked my other nephew earlier: "What is the one thing you want most in the world?" It turns out the one thing she wants most in the world is for the boy she likes to ask her out. But it wouldn't be very nice to share his name on here, even if I've withheld hers.

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