Thursday, May 15, 2008


These are the tulips in my front garden. I can take no credit whatsoever for them - beyond weeding - because they were planted by the previous owners. It was fun to watch them coming up, though, and try to guess what colors they would be. I'm pleased.

If anyone has a recommendation for hardy summer flowers I could put in, I'd love to hear it. Hopefully something that requires little to no attention unless there's a massive drought.

Vacation day tomorrow, and I'm off to Missouri. Perhaps there's another trip to the City Museum in my future.

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hip-hop-annonymous said...

Girl, you travel more than anyone I know. I'm jealous. I need to win the lotto or something. I love the tulips! I especially love that there are random orange/yellow ones in there so it's not totally perfect.

As for summer flowers, we've always had success with the ones that we've purchased from Walmart. They're the really common purple, white, or pink ones. Some are mixed colors. Anyway, they survive well with little tending to. They only last the season though. So I'm not sure if you're looking for something like the tulip which you'll never really need to mess with...they'll always come back. In that case peonies are survivors! We've had those suckers at my mom's house and they never die and we never pay attention to them!

Also, there is this pretty plant (although it's not flowering) that fills space, looks nice and will last the summer with little tending to - called a licorice plant. I've also heard it called a Dusty Miller. It's a green plant with white fuzz on it.

You could plant herbs too. They would spell nice. We've got chocolate mint that shows up every year and it smells wonderful.