Monday, July 7, 2008

Fiord video

While in Australia and New Zealand a few months ago, I took some short videos. The subject matter is pretty random, but I recently uploaded a couple from Fiordland onto flickr. These two videos are from our overnight cruise on Doubtful Sound.

In the first one, we were headed out of the fiord and toward the open sea. A few of us were just standing out at the bow with nothing to hold onto. For awhile it felt like an amusement park ride, but the waves kept getting choppier. The video was shot just as things were starting to pick up. (I love that you can hear someone's muted, slightly nervous "Wheee..." at the end of the clip.) A few minutes after I filmed this, amidst some more nervous laughter, we scuttled back to the stern (this was a slightly risky maneuver in itself) and headed below deck. The boat turned back toward more sheltered areas shortly thereafter.

The second video is a bit longer. It was filmed the next morning, very early, while the boat was still anchored. Unlike the previous clip, everything was very calm. As you can see, no other boats were around.


hip-hop-annonymous said...

I love it! It's beautiful. Do you think you'll ever venture back there? I need to go someday. Luckily I have a friend near Melborne - so that saves me money on room and board!

thevalet said...

I *really* thought someone was going to tumble into the sea when the waves started getting rough...