Thursday, October 23, 2008

Like a barn raising, but for a TV

The new TV, she is up. So is the new "home theater furniture," which I assembled on Monday evening. It only took about half an hour, proving that my purchase of this particular TV stand on the basis of how easy it looked to assemble was right on target.

The giant TV arrived last week, and sat in its giant box in my living room until Wednesday. The manual for the TV did its best to convince me that I absolutely needed a professional to mount the TV on its stand, and that Philips could not be held responsible for any damage or injury or melting of polar ice caps that resulted from attempts to go rogue and do it on my own. I couldn't stomach paying someone upwards of $100 to come to my house, screw a few bolts into place, and plug in a handful of wires, though.

Instead I invited some friends over on Wednesday, bribing them with the promise of freshly baked banana bread and roasted pumpkin seeds in addition to the warm glow of knowing they'd helped out a friend in need. This would mingle with the warm glow from the giant TV, ideal for movie watching and Wii playing. Win-win situation.

We succeeded with little difficulty, and broke in the new TV in with Game 1 of the World Series and a Winnie the Pooh DVD. (Winnie the Pooh getting stuck in Rabbit's doorway: classic.) Next up, I need to actually order HD service. And a DVR.

The banana bread was delicious, by the way. Thanks to Lindsey for the tips on topping it with honey, and adding blueberries.

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