Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This is a song about love

Saturday I saw the Magnetic Fields at the Capitol Theater in the Overture. The show was preceded by a full day of Farmer's Market (damn those baked goods vendors), walking around State Street and campus, walking back to meet Sam, Sooz, and Paul, and then doing all that (sans Farmer's Market) again; eventually walking to the Indonesian restaurant on Williamson St. for dinner before the show. I wasn't familiar with the Magnetic Fields beforehand, but I had a very good time. They apparently did an album with each song corresponding to a Lemony Snicket book?! I've never read those, but how funny. The opener was great, too. The Forewords - two PowerPoint presentations, one by the creator of, and one by a guy who highlights amusing ads from obscure trade magazines. We finished up at the Weary Traveller, and Sunday we spent a pretty autumnal afternoon in Paoli. Woo fall!

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