Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration week

It's here! And so am I. I got in very late on Friday night, and so far have managed to squeeze a lot in. I skipped the welcome concert yesterday, which halfway surprised even me, but I had plans! Kande and Heidi took me to the Maryland women's basketball game instead. Fear the turtle! We watched the concert on HBO later, and it looked great. It made me even more excited about Tuesday. There is such a good vibe around this city right now.

Besides the basketball game, we've been to Mayorga, 2 Amys, the American History Museum (Julia Child's kitchen is there!), Takoma Farmer's Market, and had a lovely at-home dinner with friends last night. Soon Paul and I will probably head out, and later tonight is the Big Shoulders Ball with Maudie. Then tomorrow ... oh boy.

Oh, and it's snowing. This is the slowest I've seen snow fall in a long time, but it is definitely snowing.


hip-hop-annonymous said...

YAY! I am SO looking forward to your recap of tomorrow!!! :) HAVE A BLAST!

My Adventures are Epic, Yet Simple said...

It starts.
Stalk me to find out...