Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Estate Sale Saturday

Right, so last Saturday I went to (did not have) an estate sale. Last time I went to an estate sale, I came away with two lovely wooden end tables. This estate sale was also fruitful, but in a slightly different way. I picked up two LPs, two board games, and a table lamp for a total of $6.75.

The records:

One random Bruce, and one I picked up solely because the title's similarity to the Bon Iver's "For Emma, Forever Ago" amused me.

The games:

Family Ties! But beware:


That one is from 1977.

Finally, this sweet lamp:

A lion playing the upright bass? Nice. I didn't know if it worked when I bought it, but it does. It even has a night light. All he needs is a shade.

Saturday night I went with Sam and Sooz to AV-aerie to see Mike Jorgensen do a solo Pronto set - and see a variety of other bands. The estate sale was admittedly a hard act to follow, but it was a fun evening. I also heard a few tales from a drummer freshly returned from the Southern hemisphere. Damn. Did not help the jealousy. We're coming up on a year since my big Australia/New Zealand trip, and I so wish I could do it again.


Hi-D said...

Nothing on the face of the planet is as cool as that flippin' Family Ties game. That looks awesome.

Kate said...

I used to sing the song "For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her" to my Emily when she was a wee baby. *sigh*

Kate said...