Monday, February 2, 2009

Things that scared me as a child

1. That Cookie Monster would chase me around the basement, riding a bed (based on a bad dream)

2. The Big Bad Wolf

3. That our living room clock would chime twelve times for midnight and then keep on chiming, and a door on the front of the clock would open and a skeleton would come out

4. Animal from the Muppets

5. The Pistol Packin' Papa shoe holder draped over the inside of my closet door

6. The full-length mirror on the door to the den at Nana's house, when the door was in motion

7. The Punky Brewster episode where all they go into a cave

8. My mom's cousin Edgar

1 comment:

ms. yvon said...

number 1 is a terrifying scenario.

interesting to read your list: a few days ago at work we were talking about our responses to horror movies when we were kids (no zombies for me, thanks!). then that night i read a series of lynda barry stories about childhood imaginary monsters.

something in the air, perhaps...