Sunday, February 22, 2009


Accomplishment 1 for today: above. This is my contribution to an upcoming charity auction at work, framed at last. I made the collage from some photos I took right here in Wisconsin. Clockwise: chair and table on my patio in winter, tree blossoms at Owen Conservation Park in spring, brown-eyed susans at the park in the summer, and grasses at the park in autumn. Hopefully, someone will want it.

Accomplishment 2 for today: a purchase. Of plane tickets. For a late spring trip. To a new country! Holy crap, I actually pulled the trigger. Now, to begin brushing up on my language skills. Ahora, mi español es muy mal. Hace muchos años yo lo estudié. Cuando yo quiero hablar en español, con frecuencia digo una palabra en el ruso. ¡Ruso estúpido!

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Allison said...

Fun! Mexico? Spain? Guatemala? Etc.?