Thursday, February 26, 2009

Slightly Inappropriate

The other day, I made a slightly inappropriate response to a pleasantry. Perhaps you're familiar with this phenomenon. Your brain anticipates the pleasantry, and before it has time to accurately process what's actually said, provides your mouth with a response. Usually they match up, and everything works out. Sometimes, they don't. Exactly.

Other party: "See you later."
Me: "You too."

Almost correct, but ... not quite. Sorry, brain, the pleasantry you were were looking for was "have a good day.'" Nice effort, though.

See also, closely related area: the slightly inappropriate pleasantry. Much like the slightly inappropriate response to a pleasantry, except this one is initiated by you. I interviewed someone a couple of weeks ago. As we shook hands before I passed the candidate off to her next host, I somehow ended our series of farewell niceties with, "I'll see you later." Um. Not necessarily.

Somehow, I almost always do this in situations where it doesn't make sense. I'm not nervous. I'm not intimidated. I'm just ... not thinking.


Hi-D said...

I've fallen victim time and time again to my blanked out brain. As a result, for years (done on purpose) my mother would always say "I love you" and I would say, "Me too". Obviously meaning that I loved her and not myself!

I have also done this at the movies.
Person: "Enjoy your movie."
Me: "You too."

BeeKay said...

Oh, I have absolutely done the movie scenario myself. If not that, something really similar.

Paul said...

I've done that with trips, where the person at the gate goes, "Have a nice trip." And I go, "You, too." Um. Except you're not going anywhere. Oops.