Monday, March 30, 2009

A conversation at work about apples

[tasting a red delicious]

Mark: This is horrible. It's the worst apple ever!
Lisa: But they're so pretty!
Me: That's how they've survived all these years. They have to make you eat them somehow.
Kevin: But they don't want to be eaten, do they?
Lisa: They want to be eaten. That's how their seeds get spread around.
Kevin: Oh, right. I always confuse them with animals.

Forgive me; this is the time when I start getting a little !!!!!! about the upcoming weekend. Don't expect much of substance until next week.


Hi-D said...

What does this weekend have in store for you???

sooz said...


BeeKay said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Heidi: the fifth year of this.

Hi-D said...

NOW it all makes sense!! :)