Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Command Day

My grandpa never failed to celebrate "command day" on March 4th. (Say it out loud.) So a happy Command Day to all! Go tell someone to do something.

I don't think I'm going to continue with daily updates to the Germany/Prague trip log. It's too long, and of interest to just a few. (Um, unlike the rest of this blog?) I may try to post the whole thing somewhere and link to it, though.

I've become addicted to The Wire, and I was supposed to finish up with Season 2 tonight via Netflix. I've looked forward to it all day (which is sad, I know, but I had a crazy day at work and it buoyed my spirits.) I opened up the envelope tonight and found the disc cracked in half. It's a cruel world in which we live.

Wedding dress shopping with Gina this weekend, and the Largo Film Chicago premiere.


Hi-D said...

Cracked disc = that sucks. Enjoy your The Wire evening of fun and relaxation!

ms. yvon said...

i just spent 30 seconds saying "command day" out loud before i realized i was meant to say, "march forth!" :D

Ali said...

me too, ms. yvon, me too. :p