Monday, March 9, 2009

Rainy weekend

A year ago today, I was watching people play line charades in Des Moines. Getting ready to fly to Los Angeles - and then to Melbourne - the next day.

This year today, nothing too exciting happened. It was sunny this morning, which is more than I can say for the entire preceding weekend. Nevertheless, I had a good time in Chicago. Saturday morning and early afternoon were devoted to wedding dress shopping with Gina, her mom, and sister. We visited boutiques in order of increasing snootiness, finishing up at Vera Wang. (We resisted the temptation to buy bags of Cheetos and pints of ice cream at Walgreens and walk in eating them.) Gina tried on some lovely dresses - no matter which one she ends up buying, she's going to look awesome. Only a little over a year to wait!

Any ambitious late afternoon plans were dampened (heh) by the pouring rain. Instead, Gina and Ryan and I caught up on Letterman from last week - and some scary reality TV -before meeting Sam for dinner at Urban Belly. After a quick but delicious dessert at Hot Chocolate, it was Largo movie time.

The film screening was part of CIMM Fest, and the venue was St. Paul's Cultural Center: a former church. With Stacy, Jim, and Kristina, we took up an entire wooden pew. Not the most comfortable place I've watched a movie, but the ambiance was worth it. Plus, they were giving away free Red Stripe. Beer in church!

I was happy to see the Largo movie after hearing about it for so long. Maybe the pace could have picked up a bit early on, but overall they did a good job of interspersing the comedy acts with the music performances. I do think the Coronet is a great space for Largo, but watching the movie also reminded me that I still miss the old place on Fairfax. The end of the film felt like saying goodbye to it again. (It also reminded me how much I'm looking forward to seeing Flight of the Conchords next month.)

I originally had visions of returning to Chicago tonight for the Ashes of American Flags premiere and a late night at the Hideout, but it's just not happening. Too much work stuff. And since I've been staying up far too late watching The Wire, it would be nice to get a night with more than 5 hours of sleep. I'll just have to wait until Record Store Day. For the movie. Not for the sleep. Please.

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ms. yvon said...

beer in church, indeed! beer, worth noting, that you still can't buy at the coronet. :| b-i've only seen the grant-lee/section quarted portion of the film. can't wait to see it all.